Monday, April 22, 2013

My Action Plan

I am planning to stay at home until my little one is old enough to be in school five mornings a week. We plan to put her in preschool when she is almost three (fall of 2014), but we'll probably enroll her for only 3 mornings a week at that point. If we do, we'll enroll her five mornings a week the year after that (fall of 2015). So that gives me 2.5 years (or 1.5 if we enroll her full time in 2014) to plan my next career -- or at least get a running start on it part time. I think it would help me to set out my plans at least for the next year or so while I'm playing out the role of a stay at home mom.

For the next two months:
  • Lose 10-12 pounds
For the next six months:
  • Take a writing class or two.
  • Try to prepare some essay(s)/pieces to submit for publication.
  • Read at least 1 literary book per month. 
For the next 12 months:
  • Take a psychology class.
  • Study for the GREs.
  • Take the GREs.
  • Decide whether to apply to MFT program, and if I decide to apply, then apply for fall of 2015.
Doesn't seem like much, but since I only have 12-15 hours a week, that may be about all I can fit in, at least as a starting point. At least I feel a little better now.


  1. This is actually really inspiring. I might try to work out an action plan for myself now.

  2. There's something so satisfying about a plan. It's great to have a goal - even if you end up reevaluating and changing things in 6 months or a year. Good luck!