Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Studying Again

I'm starting to study for the GREs!  In someways, it feels silly to be preparing to go back to school at my age, but in another way, it feels liberating.  I think I decided more than a year ago that I am quitting the practice of law, but I have yet to file for inactive status with the California State Bar.  I have thought about doing the paperwork, but for some reason, I am hesitant to do it.  Maybe because it feels so permanent?   But when I think about studying something else and going back to school to do it, I get so excited!  I am thinking of going for a masters in psychology, as I wrote a while back.  Since I wrote about it back then, I have done really nothing about it.  But I am finally getting to a point where I feel comfortable entrusting my little baby with a baby sitter.  So today, we had a baby sitter come and play with little S while I cracked open my GRE prep book as I paddled away on our elliptical.  I started with the vocabulary section because that is the one section I feel comfortable with.  It is the last section that I need to study, but I am too intimidated to look at the math section.  I don't know how I am going to re-learn all that I need to in order to take a standardized test!  Maybe I have to take some prep course.  Or teach myself on Kahn Academy.  But either way, I am going to ace this damn thing and put myself on the right career path once and for all.