Thursday, April 2, 2009


When we went in last week for our CVS, the doctor couldn't perform the procedure because of the position of the placenta. They just did an ultrasound and assessed the risks based on a blood test and the measurement of the baby's nuchal translucency. The odds look incredibly good: just one in 1400 chance of having down's syndrome and one in 4000 of having trisomony 8 or 13.

We went back in this afternoon for the CVS. The doctor who met with us today was the same doctor who was supposed to perform the CVS last November when we found out that the baby had died. He remembered us and greeted us with the warmest smile, a pat on the arm, and a hearty, "Looks like you're doing much better today!" The CVS was quick and painless, although my heart seemed to stop when we saw the catheter probe so close to the baby. It'll take about a week to get the results. In the meantime, I get to lie in bed for the rest of the day, bug Jeff if I need anything, and catch up on my old New Yorker issues. Not a bad way to spend an afternoon...


  1. Great news again!

    You know, I am supposed to go in for my CVS in a couple of weeks, and they told me that although the positioning sometimes prohibits the performance of the test, it is somewhat rare. Is that what they told you?

    I am concerned b/c by the time I go in, I will already be approx. 12.5 weeks - don't think I can week another week. How far along were you last week, and this week?


  2. Hi, Anonymous at 3:22,

    I'm not sure how rare it is. It seems relatively common -- basically, they need to be able to reach the placenta either through your cervix or abdomen, and if the placenta is wedged toward your back, it may be hard to reach. I've had other friends who had to reschedule their CVS because of the positioning.

    BUT, what I learned from my doctor who was supposed to perform the CVS last week was that transabdominal CVS can be performed past 12 weeks and 6 days, which I had never heard before. He said that latest research is showing that it can be performed past what they have traditionally understood to be a deadline. (But this conflicts with what they have on their website: Also, I think I'd rather have it done through the cervix than the abdomen, even if they give you an anesthesia.

    If you can, you may want to move your appointment up by a few days. I moved mine up by four days because I was worried that they may not be able to do it -- and now I'm glad I did. My baby is 12 weeks and 4 days old today. I went in exactly a week ago last week, at 11 weeks and 4 days. They said they want to space out the two visits by about a week because your uterus does not move that much day to day. Give them a call. And good luck with your procedure!

  3. So far so good! Seems like things are okay, and how wonderful! Are you showing? Do you feel like a big ol' pregnant woman? I remember (dimly) when I started to show. I seem to recall wishing I would be more obviously pregnant, but by the time I got to that point (the big ol' belly point), I cared more about how I felt than how I looked.

  4. Also, is Jeff nice about being your aide/nurse/helper?

  5. Have you put on much weight throughout the pregnancies last year?

    I am carrying a lot of excess weight from the m/c, so by the time I got pregnant this time, I am not where I would hope I would be.


  6. Hi, Gudnuff and Anonymous at 7:02,

    I've gained a lot of weight this past year from my pregnancies/miscarriages. Even before I got pregnant, I was heavier than I have ever been my whole life! I'm slightly embarrassed by it, but then another part of me is grateful that I've gotten pregnant so quickly that I don't care as much that I haven't had time to fit in some rigorous workout and weightloss in between. (Although I have to say that I did hit the gym everyday when I wasn't pregnant, and it was very difficult to lose weight. I'm wondering if there is something going on hormonally that makes it more difficult to lose weight after a miscarriage?) I'm so looking forward to breast-feeding and shedding extra calories. I don't think I'm showing yet -- it's hard to distinguish me from another chubby lady.

    Yes, Jeff was wonderful. I was bored out of my mind yesterday just lying around, and he even performed a little jig to keep me entertained!

  7. This is Anon. 7:02 --

    I can SOOO relate. I am a petite woman, who has always been on the thin-to-almost-medium side.

    After each of my m/c,I put on approx. ten pounds in weight -- I am one of those women who gets nausea and puts on weight up front. Because of where I was emotionally, I did not even attempt to shed those pounds last year. Getting my head in order seemed more important.

    So when I started this pregnancy (I am a couple of weeks behind you - and hopeful so far), I was already a bit chubby. The dr told me to try and gain no more than 15 - 20 lbs this time around. I am not sure how I will do it, but I will try.

    After the baby's arrival, it takes time for your body to settle, but you CAN lose the weight within 1 - 2 years afterwards.

  8. Anon @ 7:02 again -

    One more thing...

    In my personal experience, I have found that NO professional wants to explain/deal with the correlation between m/c and weight gain. They sort of assume that the little baby did not need all the food that you were eating during the first trimester any way - so you "over-indulged".

  9. Shinyung,

    I just wanted to say I've been following your writing for a while now. I find it to be very motivating and inspirational. It is a real pleasure to see your growth as a person through your blogs and I find myself jealous those who can call you their friend. Please continue to write as I (and I'm sure many others) take pleasure from the work you've done to date.