Thursday, February 19, 2009

For Those Killing Time

One of my posts from Kimchi Mamas was published in the January issue of KoreAm Journal. I don't know why everything I write looks silly a couple of months after. Oh, well, maybe that means I've learned something in the past two months? Or that my self-delusion has worn off. Anyway, click here if you haven't seen it on Kimchi Mamas already and have time to kill.


  1. We haven't forgotten about you at Stuff BigLaw Associates Like and we're glad to hear that you are much happier now. Yes, a $200 gig doesn't sound as good as a $185,000 gig, but it sounds like you are actually living life and not dolling out pointless pieces of paper.

    Are you glad you were laid off?

    I think the majority of lawyers who were laid off should be happy. You might not believe me now, but you will later.

    Why? Here's our post on why you shouldn't settle for a job in BigLaw:

  2. Hi Shinyung...I read the Koream Article and the Kimchi Mama version...I didn't think it lost it's value. It is a good article because I think there are two many stereotypes of demanding, unreasonable korean MIL. People fail to acknowledge that both our MIL's generation and our generation have different expectations/views. And that in law tensions are often because of these conflicting expectations. My in laws are golden and wonderful; but I felt so much pressure when I was initially married. I didn't know what the expectations were and I was stressed out. As I got to know them we built a rapport and lines of communication.

    Bottom line...good article that broach a very old issue with new eyes.