Tuesday, July 30, 2013


I don't have any insights this week. And apparently haven't had any for the past several weeks. But I would love to share some words streaming out of my 3.5 year old these days (which I've already posted on Facebook). Maybe you'll get some giggles out of these:

An exchange as we were walking along the ocean in Hawaii last week.
T: "I'm going to walk on the sand."
Jeff: "T, stay on the path."
T: "But I AM on the path!" (As he steps off the paved path and into the foot trodden "path" on the grass.)
Jeff: "Don't be a lawyer on me. Stay on the path. You know what I mean."
T: "I'm NOT a lawyer, Dad, I'm NOT a lawyer!"
Me: "T, do you know what a lawyer is?"
T: "No."
Me: "Then how do you know you're not a lawyer?"
T: "Because I'm just a regular guy."

In New York, as we're leaving a restaurant, T says, "Mom, can I have my snack now?"
Me: "T, what did Mommy say when you asked me earlier?"
T: "You said let's talk about it later. (Pause.) So, Mom, let's talk about it."

As his babysitter starts to put sunscreen on him, T says: "I don't need that. I'm Korean!"

And a little snippet from the life of my 19 months old angel:

Lately, my daughter has been giggling when I say "I love you" to her. Last night, when I said "I love you," she put her fingers together and tapped them a couple of times to sign "more" and then she whispered "more." When I complied and said "I love you" again, she giggled and rolled over to go to sleep.

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