Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Hi, All,

Thanks so much for your wonderful comments and warm wishes! I'll be traveling for a couple of weeks, and I'll be back here on October 13th. Write to you all then!


  1. I disagree with you support of Obama but that is about all I disagree with.

    I followed your saga when a law school class mate of mine forwarded your email. I am a thirty-something father of two married to a lawyer and both of us previously worked at big elite law firms in DC.

    I do think you were mistreated (we too have suffered thru miscarriages) and I think your characterization of the overworked attorneys is appropriate. I think the place was just sapping the life out of me.

    You are a great writer: honest, vivid, bold. You have some sort of future in the industry.

    Best of luck in everything you do.

  2. Having now gone back and read all your entries, I want to say first of all that your writing is great and I hope to see more of it. I think you probably could write a book (starting from childhood no doubt up thru your Paul Hastings career and dismissal). Though I am an attorney and not a publicist so what do I know. But I would be interested in buying a book that told your life story in the voice you write on this blog. That is part of your success. You have such an honest, vivid, consistent voice, it makes the entries a pleasure to read.

    I was disappointed having now read the entry on Sarah Palin. I too would not dare turn this into a political blog but I would ask you simply to go back and read that entry and ask yourself: (1) is this how you would want people to judge you and hope that people "dig up dirt" on you?; and (2) is this what you want your blog to be about? I am always a little surprised when decent, caring people attack a political candidate with such venom (particularly one who has not done anything yet). Imagine what her life is like raising a family and taking such personal attacks. I prefer to see the common humanity in all of us really and I think your blog is a great forum for that.

    Please take this comment in the positive vein it is meant. When I read your story in the WSJ, I felt like I was being punched in the gut. I don't know exactly why. Something about your story was so familiar to me. And I thought departure your email was so well-written and honest and correct in all ways.

    I hope you keep up your efforts. Good luck.

  3. Hi, boots 08,

    Thanks for your comments and for reading my blog! It's always a big compliment when people take the time to read through my old entries. I know how time consuming it can be!

    On Palin, we'll just have to agree to disagree. I find her deeply offensive and believe she is dangerous to our country. You say that she has not done anything, but how about the the way she's been running this campaign? She has lied about her record on Troopergate - both before and after the report was issues, she makes a point of invoking Obama's middle name as if having a foreign sounding name (particularly one that is middle eastern sounding) is un-American, implying that Obama is a terrorist somehow because some guy did terrible things when Obama was only 8, attempting to ban books, etc., etc., etc. I won't go into all of it here. I would, however, be curious to hear your opinion on why you support the McCain/Palin ticket. = )


  4. Shinyung,

    At increasing risk of turning this into a political blog, the short and non-controversial answer to your question is that I am very much a Republican through and through. I took a look at Obama (I read his first book, I listened to him on the issues and I am impressed by him in many ways) but I believe McCain/Palin are right on most issues and will do the best job for America.

    I understand your concerns about Palin's campaign tactics but I have many Republican friends who say the same thing about the way Obama/Biden have conducted their campaigns, the ads they ran in Spanish agasint McCain, etc . . .

    I also have more Democrat friends than Republicans friends so this has been a bit of a recurring conversation.

    I guess my larger point was simply that politics can be very divisive and not everyone reading your blog is going to agree with your political views. And there is nothing wrong about being all in favor for Obama but the Palin entry is hard for me to read honestly. And I guess I was letting you know that there are folks out here reading--and loving--this blog who are pained by that entry.

    As I said previously, I try to find the common ground in all of us. You have a right to your feeling in all ways (including political feelings). Just letting you know how I feel.

    But, hey, this is your blog. I cannot/would not dare tell you what to do with it.

  5. Hi, again,

    Thanks for writing back, and I completely understand your sentiments. I appreciate that intelligent people with deep understanding of the issues can disagree, and it is certainly not my intent to cause any of my readers pain. Good thing the election is just three weeks away!