Monday, May 18, 2009

Another Week

The last time we were in Kauai, we spent most of our week in Hanalei, which is along the North Shore. One of our favorite lunch spots was a burger joint called Hanalei Gourmet. One afternoon, after waiting on the outside porch for a table, I suggested that we just sit at the bar. As soon as we sat on the stools, I saw Pierce Brosnan sitting less than five feet away at the end of the bar, taking a big bite out of his burger. I nudged Jeff to look in that direction as I tried to say discreetly out of the corner of my mouth, "Pierce Brosnan's sitting over there." The whole time, Jeff kept saying, "Did you see that guy with six toes?" We kept talking over each other until I finally said, "What, you saw a guy with six toes?" and Jeff finally looked over in Pierce's direction while pretending not to look.

We're off to Kauai again tomorrow for a little vacation. I'll be back here in little more than a week. I can't promise any interesting tales from the trip, but we'll keep our eyes open for Pierce and the six-toed guy. If nothing else, we'll come back with a tan.

Until then, enjoy!


  1. Pierce lives on the North Shore.

  2. while you're in kauai...

    be sure to try tropical dreams ice cream at the kilauea video store (when you're driving towards the lighthouse it will be on your left hand side). i highly recommend lemon gelato or macadamia nut. there is no other ice cream like it here in the states!

  3. I hope you aren't checking email while away, but if you are, we loved the Beach House restaurant in Poipu, on the South Shore.

    I hope you're having a wonderful trip!

  4. 8:02 -- yummmmm! Thanks for your suggestion. We stopped by on our last day there, and the ice cream was yummy. I had the lychee cream and Jeff had the roasted coconut.

    K, we didn't have a chance to dine at Poipu, although we stopped by the Sprouting Horn briefly. We'll have to fit it in next time!