Sunday, September 6, 2009

Another Amazing Gift

We have the most amazing and talented friends. Look what arrived in the mail yesterday from our friend Yao. I can't wait to see our little guy in it!


  1. Shinyung -

    Wow - that is one amazing sweater! How kind of your friends. You are obviously loved!!

    When is your due date again? And how are you going about finding a baby name for your boy? I am having a very hard time for our girl.

  2. Hi, Anonymous! My due date is Oct. 11th. Just another month to go. We had a running list of names, and I think we must have gone through about 5 name books! I think we've narrowed our choice down, but it was tough to find one that we liked. One of my friends used the list on to find her baby's name. Best of luck to you!